Sunday, 11 December 2011

Hockney Trail

Local Twitterati including @v_t_ywolds are all talking about the proposed Hockney Trail to follow around the Yorkshire Wolds. I am not surprised that this is trending at the moment. The excitement and interest that the Painting Bigger Trees Near Warter evoked  has scarcely left me and my Facebook friends in Filey, who enjoy looking at Paintings.
If David Hockney was not famous I would still enjoy his view and representations of my beloved East Riding Wolds, just as I love the views of Filey painted by the late Val McLoughlin or Alan Clark and lately Neil Robson. Its a matter of personal  taste, and David Hockneys paintings and ipad pictures are just to my taste.
It started really when I took a trip to Saltaire to see the World Heritage site of Titus Salt's innovative Model Village for his workers at Salts Mill. Joan Priestley encouraged  me to go, it was her part of the world. I thus discovered the work of David Hockney  . His picture of his old mother asleep is for me the most wonderful  and tender portrait I have ever seen, not just because my Mother is rather like her, but because I never really enjoyed his pictures of dogs and swimming pools  and my knowledge of his work had simply not progressed. 

Working in Bridlington for 15 years and knowing all the lanes, trees and views  thereabout, knowing Sledmere, Thixendale (Ah! the Cross Keys), and all bigger puddles in between I just KNOW Hockneys recent inspiration. 
 In the back seat of the Ford Prefect (YKH 404) as a small girl  listening to my fathers commentaries about Dutch Barn to the left ( Foxholes), and Primrose wood to the right (Nunburnholme) and Glacial valley (Huggate and Millington) I learned to love the landscape of the Wolds. We called it then Rowland Hilder Views, as he was the famous landscape Painter of the 50s and 60s  according to my family.   My father , himself a Sunday Painter would have loved what Hockney has done for us. 

I got my tickets for the new Hockney exhibition at the RA in January 2012 ,in November. It is my something to look forward to EVENT.

Now that a Hockney Trail is planned  
  • I am thrilled on one level-I want everyone to realise just how beautiful the Wolds are in all weathers, and 
  • Upset on another level -I want to keep the views to myself
What do you think?

And thanks Simon Gregson( Yorkshire Outside Catering Company)here is link to the trail

And here is the link to MY picture -Thanks Simon


  1. I love the whole concept of Saltaire and Salts Mill. I love the quiet roads of the Wolds and hidden vistas but it would be ok for a select few to visit !!!!

  2. From Warter to Bridlington, Hockney has painted in more than 20 different locations for the art work that is currently on display at the Royal Academy. Many of the sites are listed with a handy Hockney Trail map at

  3. And incidentally Watercolour no 30 of the East Riding watercolour series I saw at Somerset house in 2005 is of a lane off the Kilham to Rudston Road just near the site of the Roman Villa(just a few 100yds E) and where the 2 photos above were taken. There Ive given it away Now!!

  4. A similar painting of the same location that you have pictured above called 'Track and Field', has now moved on to an American collector who bought it for $530,500.

  5. A similar painting of the same location that you have pictured above called 'Track and Field', has now moved on to an American collector who bought it for $530,500.

  6. Thank you for that Simon .It is my favourite view in the Wolds,I always stop there on my way back from Beverley visiting Aged Parent.I have hundreds of photos of the same spot, all different ! Will never have money for a Hockney , but if I did that would be the view I would want.When I retired I went to the Annely Juda thinking I would buy one with my 'Lump sum'. It would not have bought a corner of one. Thankfully there are plenty to see in Public Galleries, and I have all the books!



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