Saturday, 19 November 2011

New Boots

Thankfully not everything will be new, as our Chemist has its refit and launches afresh on Monday.Familiar faces will remain, and the product range grow again, infact improve . I have spotted the USB sticks!
I have been watching the work progressing in my daily circuit of my local shops. I have been sorely tempted by the skip, and talked myself out of ferreting through for bits of cardboard for school. What am I thinking , I don't even go to work any more !
Janet will still be doing her midweek stints, I will no longer have to go to Scarborough for Stay Perfect lipsticks, the floor space looks huge, masses of preparations for aged feet and corns and Gifts galore. 
Once again I am so thankful for the shops of Filey, just a short walk from my home, and thankful for the staff in them who can make your day with a kind word.
I am thinking of Leila, now in Israel , who worked for a few years in our Opposite the Post Office Chemist, and how she would order anything to help you and help with Complexions.  Jen and her colleague also young and knowledgeable, are worthy successors. 

I moaned a bit when my chemist became part of a large Company , but realise that all the investment in Filey will not go amiss. We cannot do without our chemist shops all we on pills.

So , I embrace the new , and look forward as this  Filey resident  welcomes a few improvements.

10am Monday 21st  - Grand Opening  with  Tea and Cake! 


  1. Now lets have a competition as to who takes the most pills !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. My sister makes this comment because our aged parent likes to see how many pills others take and then she hopes to astound them with the number SHE takes!!!

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