Friday, 25 November 2011

I was made for iphones

I have had this new phone for 4 weeks now. I have just worked out how to sync everything together , Facebook, Twitter , emails and texts. My children do not know what they are missing. People can knock it all they like but I LOVE IT.

Stephen Fry's short Radio 4 programmes this week Stephen Fry on the Phone, will explain all, and show just how mainstream the whole Mobile Phone topic is. Apparently 1 in 4 people now have a smart phone.  Not in Filey I hear you all say!

When I tentatively walked into the Mobile Phone Shop in Scarborough , having done all my research in Which, talked to everyone under 25 I know, and spent hours looking for deals, I was served by a young man who had never been to the Scarborough Store before. He had been drafted in from Hull. I asked him to show me his phone. It had all the Bible apps on it , so he was a Christian, he might have been an angel sent just for this OAP to make sure I didn't get done, gave me 45minutes of time , explained everything really well, and even my sons -in- law think I got a really good deal.

I am learning more each day. I am a  kinesthetic learner, so have been trying out, touching, tapping, moving and clicking the back button for 4 weeks. 2 days ago I found the online instruction manual, so can now correct things and speed up procedures. Have just  bothered Parish Secretary for her  smart phone number. She will be plagued by me now, as only my prayer partner Rachel was able to have the phrase sent by my Blackberry tagged on to messages until today. I have checked mine-they say  sent by Android, which I think is more classy, but really I want sent by my iphone5 or 6 or 7, so by the time my 23 months of contract are up I can even go 4G or whatever. Listen to me -I cant believe I even know what it means.

This wasn't supposed to be a showing off post . I really wanted to plug the new C of E website, which I only discovered because I was looking at tweets@FileyParish, @margaretkiaora, on my mobile last night as there was nothing for me on TV  on Fridays now that Gardeners World is dormant.
Try it !

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