Monday, 17 October 2011

Thank you for supporting a geek.

Thanks  to you

Dear Readers,
This man, Colin, is according to  one of the speakers at #Cnmac,  married to a GEEK.
Brian, Ben, Rachel, Pete, Emily , Bobby, and yes, occasionally  even you Pam  are also geeks. Those  who blog, tweet ( and  use facebook as well)  for much of the time to Do Church are geeks ,and you need to get your diaries  out and have a parish weekend @cnmac 12.
I now  realise that Colin was a real brick to hold my hand at #cnmac11, as I moved tentatively amongst people who not only all had Macs, but all seemed under 40.
Bishop Alan  
Bishop Alan is not for podcasts of sermons on Church websites. It was good to hear him talking about what makes a successful blog. His was one of the first  blogs I ever followed, and I thank him for setting a gold standard .He only blogs once a week now, and said that Facebook and the interaction that it provides, is occupying his geektime at present.Note to Emily- FileyParish Facebook is some thing I dont feel up to running, so am glad you're doing Parish Sundae Facebook. Look for it all you Facebookers of Filey! 

Dr Bex Lewis @drbexl of Codec in the second Breakout session I attended on Digital Discipleship, could have been talking about anything. People will follow her to Christ whatever she talks about-she just oozed love for HIM.
Dame Catherine Wybourne
The(benedictine) @DigitalNun however was the STAR TURN of the whole conference. Not only did she quote from Aelred Of Rievaulx, (Pam and Vera note) BUT  she spoke with authority, humour and love about being a Christian ONLINE.  Read her ideas  here

The last breakout session was very helpful, and just for one idea from @emptybelly  of Partakers . He has had lots of experience of coaxing older people in to a meaningful use of the New Media.The sooner I start taking my laptops to the Open Church at St Johns the better.

It was great to see so many well known and valued bloggers sitting around the lecture theatres, to match avatars to faces and to realise that we are doing CHURCH as part of a much wider and infinite work of God. 

Best of all we spent time with our blogfather #Simonrudiger.

Thank you Colin for coming along (he is taking digital photos of Selby as we travel through) I will have him blogging before our Ruby Wedding-watch this space

and Happy Birthday Vicar Mary Today!

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  1. Nothing to hold you back now ! Blogging on a train ! What happened to watching the world fly by ?



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