Saturday, 8 October 2011

The really cool place

Nothing could better illustrate the adaptability of the newly ordered St Johns than the visit yesterday of over hundred young children, shortly after our communion service. Within a few minutes we were able to redistribute the chairs around the walls of the church and the children were able to sit themselves comfortably on the thick carpet. You could tell from their expressions that they were amazed and delighted about the space. One small boy said 'this is really cool' .

Mary gave a short talk and there were prayers and the children sang a couple of children's hymns.

I suspect that many of these youngsters may never have been in a church before. In many cases they and their parents would feel completely uncomfortable in a more traditional church setting. It is joy that we now have somewhere that so perfectly complements the traditional space of our main Parish Church. St John's was built as a 'Chapel of Ease' and yesterday's event demonstrated that purpose in spades.

As we move ahead in God's will, there will be be inevitable difficulties and one temptation we need to avoid is that our faith becomes about buildings,how they are arranged, arrangements for meetings, or even our own efforts to make things happen. As I sat in communion I was reading Psalm 127:1:

'Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain. ' A sobering thought.

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