Monday, 10 October 2011

The Heavenly Man

I have just finished this book which was passed on to me by Mary. It is about an evangelist in the Chinese House Church movement called Brother Yun, who underwent terrible sufferings while in prison for preaching the gospel. He has been greatly used to bring many Chinese to faith in Jesus both in and out of prison and in the book we learn of a great revival in China where miracles are as frequent as in the book of Acts. At one time he miraculously escaped prison and fled out of China and went to live in Germany. He is now involved in a mission to evangelise the area between China and Jerusalem and you can learn about it on .

Reading the book gives one a greater faith in God as you learn how He can frequently break the laws of nature and you also learn marvellous examples of Christians praising God even in the most horrible of circumstances. I would strongly recommend it.

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  1. I agree-its a really good read. Puts our silly C of E squabbles into perspective.



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