Sunday, 2 October 2011

'The church has left the building'....

I've been thinking about something a lot lately.
It's not anything new or ground breaking I'm afraid, and you will have heard it before.

How is the church reaching out to people who aren't interested in church?

It is fantastic that we have such an open door policy - we let people come and look round our churches, and we advertise what we do - our services and events - pretty well I think. We have the Envoy and this website which, as it says at the back of the church hall, are communicating the message of Christ wonderfully.

However, I believe something is missing here.

Most of our outreach seems to appeal to people who already have some form of interest or connection with the Christian faith, in some way or another. What can we be doing for those people who aren't interested in looking around churches, reading a church magazine, or coming to a service? For those who haven't thought about God for years, who wouldn't go near a church, those people who aren't interested in faith at all....How can we love them as a church? How can we tell them the message of Christ, without expecting them to come to us?

My friend owns a hoodie from her church which says on the back of it - 'The church has left the building'. I personally believe this is a fantastic thing to be able to say. We have two beautiful churches, where we worship and meet with others of the same faith, but as well as this, if it is our aim to show people the love of Christ, then we need to be meeting them where they are at, not them meeting us where we are.


  1. Brilliant Emily. I completely agree. The fact is we live in a Post Christian Society. The call of a Christian has always been to tell the Good News of Christ to those around us in a culturally relevant way. We are asked to associate with those of no reputation, the uncared for and unloved. Rip away the facade and Filey is a desperate place with high levels of youth boredom, alcoholism, drugs taking and the malaise that comes poor employment prospects and no hope. That's where the Body of Christ needs to be.
    Bobby B

  2. I liked the ideas behind your post-keep them coming . I am sure for the church to be visible and accessible it needs to be out in the market place-maybe Parish Sundae in a cafe. It is worth bearing in mind that Christchurch Bridlington has already successfully explored this sort of thing and has a much higher community profile, so maybe some networkingwould be a good idea ?
    When we were in Burgess Hill Sussex the Local Churches Together put on a Free Fun day in the local park and I was impressed to see a flag advertising ' Healing'where people could go to be prayed for.
    Colin Rowling



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