Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Ninite -the way to give you more time

You will like this. Here is a way spend much more time doing the things you really want in your busy days.The website Ninite *might sound like an advert for a bedtime drink but it is a very useful way of making life easier for all you bloggers and cyberpeople - A portal where you can download all sorts of software in about one click . I am always glad for anything that makes my busy life simpler.
 Thank you my son -in- law  for spending time with me and my PCs yesterday. How we all need each other. Not only did he get my screen display back into the right native resolution* after my lesson on the projector for Saturdays Prayer Workshop sent it blurred but he helped me to  update my skills. I now can do Auslogics defragging* for grannies,know what  a cookie *could be and have been told how to check my broadband speed *if of course I have absolutely nothing to do.How my vocabulary*has grown. 

Now that I have more time what shall I do? 

reading Psalm 31 is a start.

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