Monday, 12 September 2011

New Beginnings

Two things touched my mind at the Re-opening of St Johns Church. NEXT-

  1. We need VISION
  2. We need PRAYER

The Archdeacon emphasised that the re-ordering , re-organizing and re-decorating of St Johns Church was only the beginning of a New Work Of God. It was a finite expression of action . We all knew what we were looking at , what was being done , and who was doing it.  Now comes what  will be the next exciting part. Archdeacon David used the SMART model to spur us into action.

I am praying with all of you my fellow Christians in Filey

Lord give us your Vision 
Lord give us a heart to pray for it together

Do you agree? If so please join us on Saturday 

Let us know if you will be coming !

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