Friday, 30 September 2011

Just up the coast

From the free Sea Cliff Road Car park Scarborough

Just been to 'Grandparents lunch' with Z and R at St Martins Scarborough.    WE enjoyed being shown round , seeing the wall displays and facilities, but more than that ,we know we are privileged to be part of a wider family.
Anyone who says that children do not learn about Christianity at school these days must be encouraged that this is not the case  in every school. 
The text on Zs wall  is one of my favourite, amongst a display about Christian Values (for 7yr olds)

Jesus said
'I am the way , the truth and the life'.

I have worked in schools for 40 years. St Martins had a lovely atmosphere, the children were happy and cared for, and we all enjoyed  the hospitality that our grandchildren  freely gave us.
 Of course I loved the Computer Suite/Library. It wouldn't  have taken much to get me in there again with a class. I saw all the Smart Boards and remembered how I was one of the first to get one in my East Riding school. How it transformed my teaching style. These teaching aids come and go. I remember when a Banda Machine was de rigueur in 1968- I loved that aniline purple ink. 

Education is not about equipment, and lasting knowledge informing many generations does not depend on it. 
Pam R and Vera went to Wydale this week to Friendship in Community , A day of inspiration , led By Revd.Dr Gavin Wakefield a former tutor of Vicar Mary. He focused on the lives of three Christians who ministered in Yorkshire, Mary Ward (17th C),  David Watson (20thC)  and Aelred of Rievaulx. (12th C). Pam read us some of Aelreds writings-as relevent now as 900 yrs ago. I am going to learn more of him, and about Christianity thro the lives of others, from 21st Century Scarborough to  12 th Century Rievaulx. After all God has not changed, and  the text in Z,s classroom still has lots to tell us.

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