Thursday, 22 September 2011

All things working together

We were saying at homegroup last night what a blessing Rachel's Post Through all the changing scenes of life had been to us all. Gods timing is impeccable . 
Brenda tells me that her daughter in the States catches up with Filey news reading this blog. We all send her our love from this small outpost in the North of England. 
If you read this blog regularly you are part of a global fellowship. Jesus Christ is not limited by distance , space or time, we know that in our heads ,but still get overwhelmed by our own world and all its day to day niggles. Fellow Christians -wherever you are YOU ARE ALL SPECIAL and I pray that the you will let the Holy Spirit minister to you today. Just ask !!
My cyberfriend Jules has done a guest post on the blog Dreaming beneath the spires today- Well worth a read. 

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