Friday, 5 August 2011

What I saw in Filey

I like to think I am an observant person. I have read so many detective novels that noticing my surroundings and especially changes in gardens on the way to the shops is second nature to me. I  suppose like Arthur Upfield's Bony, I would love to solve a mystery with one matchstick  in an odd place and a broken of twig of eucalyptus in another.
Last week
This week
I wonder how many others noticed the stupid tidy up to the gravel bed on the site of the Old Gas Board. I just loved the wild flower haven that it became in the weeks since it was landscaped to nothingness. I am always hoping that a few wild-life corridors will be left in urban spaces. A metre border of set -aside could have been quite a haven, even if planted with a meadow mixture. I would just love to adopt a roundabout on the road into Filey and have it planted with wildflowers.  Last year I was thrilled with the Wildflower Planting on the verges of the Brighton to Lewes road in Sussex. I suggested that Churches together in Filey might do the same on the A165 roundabouts into Filey. 
If Filey is lacking in wacky I most certainly am not. So coming home from the shops I always look at Shirley Ws old garden. It is a kitsch lovers dream. I love the face on the tree, the row of Barnsley House mallows and the little tea table.
It was a little disappointing to take the children to the new Timberplay  adventure playground on the Country Park. It is finished but not open until SBC have passed it for H and S. It is great, at least it looks it-we will be going again PDQ. Bring back Danger I say-let children learn to make  their own risk assessments.

Every year I wax lyrical on this blog about the Municipalia in Filey of the horticultural sort.  This year is no exception. Well done John Sellars and your team ! I don't take the Flower Beds for granted. I just love them.

So here is a selection of a close up view of those gorgeous planters at the Crossroads nr Sutherlands the Chemist OKA  yes Selles. Get right up close and enjoy them when you are crossing over to Mills. Good to see the comeback that Begonias have made. C hates them but I think they make a stunning show on the roundabout near Church Cliff Drive

Planters at Crossroads Murray Street


Home down Hope Street or the tenfoot next to the Post Office I always see the Sterchis Sign now. Look what's new-what a relief. Every year I give Aged Parent some Petit Fours at Christmas and only Sterchis ever sold them. There's not much my mother needs . She always wants the tiny macaroon delicacies to hand around with the sherry to her guests. 

More things to see today at home. This looks such a bountiful bunch of grapes that C picked from the greenhouse today . Actually the grapes are about the size of marrowfat peas, but they look good and taste sweetish. I shall make wine from them  if we can pick a bucket full.
I have got so used to seedless grapes now, I cant face eating these, tastes change . 
Conversely,a plant considered a  pernicious and harmful weed  if found on grazing land has made an attractive statement in Queen Street.  It looks lovely . C looks at it regularly to see if he can see any of the attractive Cinnabar Moth caterpillars on it which pupate and emerge as the even more attractive Moths. He hasn't seen any on this Ragwort Plant yet.If he does  we will inform our Cyberfriend @Yorkshire Coast whose excellent blog  is full of all the local sightings of Moths.

The Queen Street Ragwort
(Open our Eyes Lord, we want to see Jesus might be the chorus to go along with this post! trite I know, but all Good is from God, James 1v17 isnt it?)

Keep your eyes open everyone then! There is so much to see in our small town. I've just watched the TV programme TOWN about Scarborough . Nick Cranes excellent summary just warmed my heart. I wanted the camera to come here and do our town as well, as we too are trying our best. We are not a run down has been  town. 

Where is this sheep then, people of Filey? Free Echium to correct answers through my letter box.

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  1. I claim an echium .Can we have a photo now of the snake ?



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