Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Sky , Site and Skills

Sunrise across my building site

Colin is always up first in our house, and this morning took this  picture of the lovely  sky across the (next door) building site (Crown Development ) . The lorries arrived at 7am this morning and are queueing  as I write this to disgorge their vast loads of bricks, and breeze blocks and small gravel . The site opens at 8am, so you can imagine we sometimes have to negotiate to get our car out  from our drive. Those drivers and workmen are all prayed for every day. We have really enjoyed watching the clever way the building is developing. We also pray every day for all the people who will be living in the 8 flats and 11 houses coming up next to us. It is Affordable Housing so wont be Holiday properties as some  of the other dwellings in our street , or empty most of the time like most of the build in Mitford Street of flats, a few years ago. 

Sometimes the thoughts of something new which will really affect our lives and the space around us , can bring great anxiety. Minds can go off on wheels-what if the sewers wont cope, what if the new tenants make a lot of noise, what if, what if what if............. . 

Todays sunrise says

'I (Jesus)am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. 'John 8 v12

'Is anything too hard for the LORD?' Genesis 18v14

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  1. You take me back to the thought of " I said to the man "

    " So heart be still:
    What need our little life to know,
    If God had comprehension ? ........
    Our fears are premature : in Him time hath full provision . "

    Wish it would sink into my very being !



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