Monday, 15 August 2011

Converted by Pope -Anniversary Today

Filey Beach 1937
Yesterday at St Oswalds not only did David preach a great sermon but we got a testimony from  someone who 74 years ago TODAY became a Christian  at a Beach Mission on Filey Beach, after hearing the preaching of Hudson Pope . He went from a RHN to a RH.

You may read all Ray Smith's testimony here- A well spent 5minutes and you will find out what RHN and RH mean!

Rays story has really interested me . Marilyn ran a story about CSSM in the Envoy April 2010(find at RHS of this Blog ) .
My aged parent, now 91, became a Christian in 1928 at a beach Mission in Criccieth ,North Wales. This morning I sent a copy of Rays story to Faith to everyone in my Church Family E -Address book, so that they can pass it on to friends  who might need the encouragement to RH. I have already had a reply from Janet Wigglesworth saying Mark is in Criccieth at a Youth Camp, and then from Mark himself by iphone from his tent  in Criccieth . So lets pray for him too as he helps to lead young people towards a real Faith  in Jesus. I know he is praying for Filey too, as are  other  people who found faith in  this Seaside Town of Filey.

Rev Ray Smith .COG
Thanks Ray !

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  1. That was great to read. We were brought up with CSSM and then I took my children to CSSM at Criccieth . It then became a SU beach mission. It is taking place at Criccieth ,even as I write and on the clifftops will be the Pathfinder camp . How great it will be if someone looks back at this date from one of the many camps going on around Britain and it became their RH day. I knew that if my children had no other Christian input throughout the year, they had those 2 weeks. Both later went on to be team members and it was a very special time in their lives.



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