Monday, 8 August 2011

Are you able to help?

Tapestry Last Supper - from Leonardo da Vinci
Do you know where a framed tapestry of the Iconic  'Last Supper ' (last seen 18 months ago propped up against the Staircase in the hall at Filey Vicarage) might have  ended up? The one in St Oswalds  is gros point, and the missing one is petit point.
It was en route for its new hanging place  and might have been accidentally removed with boxes  of  items for Mission sales or Charity shops in Filey. Its  -about 4' wide.
The wardens hope it ended up in a church somewhere , but would like to know where, as this particular picture was worked by a family member. This is a very well known and popular picture for Needlepoint enthusiasts to work ,so there are probably dozens around Filey- Margaret and Graham  would just like to hear about one sourced from Belle Vue  Crescent!!

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