Monday, 25 July 2011

What did Filey think of #Sugartown?

Hype over .My favourite quotes

  • Oh its the 1930's -it must be for you
  • full of the over 70s
  • Dirt cheap, Georgian fronted canvas, good transport links
  • stir fry something into your think wok
  • Grandtour-pointing to Brigg, pointing to Primrose valley
  • three students and a Yorkshire Pudding
Otherwise  great shots of Filey in February, love the photo-edited Pier,  the empty streets at night were right. Think we ought to have Jane Austens 'Persuasion' next in Filey, with a photo edited Cobb and Tom Ellis playing Captain Wentworth, Sue Johnstone as Mrs Musgrove etc. 


  1. Lovely views of Filey bay. Otherwise rubbish!

  2. This is the worst sitcom I have ever seen. Poor acting, an appalling script, stereotypical characters which appear to have been borrowed from other minor sitcoms and a complete lack of plot development. Now we know why BBC buried it in a late night slot. More amateur dramatics than believable comedy.

    The highlight of this trash wascthe one liner : " they were married at a love in! . How much money the license players have wasted on this limp apology of a comedy, I dread to think. Perhaps it will improve in episodes 2 and 3 .

  3. I was genuinely excited about watching it and loved the external filmography of the Town. Have to admit,however, even my jaw did begin to fall with the rather flimsy plot line. Got the odd chuckle in our house with all the lines Margaret mentioned. Here's to episodes 2 and 3.
    By the way no one should try going down Cargate Hill on a Rickshaw or as in my case a delivery bike with no brakes.

  4. Even though it had a late night slot it still had 2 million viewers!!

  5. Must be our publicity and Tweets Ben!

  6. I fell asleep with 20 mins to go........
    But up to the Zzzzz, I was too busy watching for the scenes of Filey and locals in the background to concentrate on the story.......




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