Sunday, 31 July 2011

Special Day continued..........

I call it the Budgie now, as that is what my cyberfriend Ray calls the lectern at her church in Aylesbury.  Her post Brasso and the Budgie really made me laugh when I first read it in May. 
Marion  my Brasso  partner 
As Marian and I were doing our budgie and all the rails and memorials on Thursday,we hoped the Bishop would  notice the housekeeping done  that makes St Os look so clean and attractive. Chris Burge, doing Watch and Welcome, said that visitors often comment on how good the church looks. The Churchwardens came in on Friday and did a special tidy and dust and Margaret and Pauline were doing the Flowers. I guess we all wanted St Os to look its best for Bishop Richard, because we want him to know that we feel at home there, and  to know how much we want Vicar Mary to feel supported  by us.
I am glad too that Marian remembered to clean the Churchwardens wands. I had forgotten that they have an airing when the Bishop visits his Filey Family. We all forgot that Bishop Richard is tall so Peter had to come and  adjust the pulpit lectern before the sermon. Actually it gave us all a good laugh,(Peter and Graham's speciality) so we were in a really good ears to hear mood for listening to what God had to say to us  through our overseer.

Here I am going  to be Sarah Vine, the TV critic of the Saturday Times, who was very generous about #Sugartown yesterday. She said there was something of the naivety of the thing that made it hugely watchable. 

Filey Parish blog
Margaret Rowling on today's Sermon

Right Reverend Richard Frith (Bishop of Hull)
10am Sunday 31st July 2011

In a week dominated by depressing headlines, it was worth taking a pew in the ancient 12th Century Church of St Oswalds Filey to hear our Bishop  expound on the reading from todays Gospel Matthew 14:13-21 -The story of the Miracle of the loaves and Fishes.

He said
  • there is plenty of speculation about what really happened,BUT
  • whatever we offer to HIM , Jesus can do a miracle with and result is SIGNs (that HE Is Truly God-my wordsand wonders -my words)
  • Good anecdote about vicar who was told he did too much Jesus and not enough English Religion
  • Sometimes  Jesus just doesn't get a look in in Churches, the focus is on everything but HIM
  • Jesus could not have worked without a small boy giving a Fish
  • Reality -GIVE WHAT LITTLE WE HAVE TO JESUS AND FOCUS ON HIM .(Miracles follow-my words)
Everyone understood what our Bishop was saying , it could have been taken on many levels, he made the gospel accessible, he gently teased us away from focussing on the wrongs things (Parish Quota say I!! ). He left us all feeling we had learnt something and could take another step in Trust on our journey towards God. 
We are waiting for the Miracles Bishop.( I mean that)

Dorothy and Margaret , our wardens with Bishop Richard Frith 

Jesus Feeds Five Thousand
13 When Jesus heard the news about John, he left there in a boat and went to a lonely place by himself. The people heard about it, and so they left their towns and followed him by land.14 Jesus got out of the boat, and when he saw the large crowd, his heart was filled with pity for them, and he healed their sick.

15 That evening his disciples came to him and said,
It is already very late, and this is a lonely place. Send the people away and let them go to the villages to buy food for themselves.

They don't have to leave, answered Jesus.
You yourselves give them something to eat!

All we have here are five loaves and two fish, they replied.

Then bring them here to me, Jesus said.19 He ordered the people to sit down on the grass; then he took the five loaves and the two fish, looked up to heaven, and gave thanks to God. He broke the loaves and gave them to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the people.20 Everyone ate and had enough. Then the disciples took up twelve baskets full of what was left over.21 The number of men who ate was about five thousand, not counting the women and children.

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