Monday, 11 July 2011

More on the Wizard of Oz and Parish Sundae

Ben and I did not do our chatting sitting at a table in Parish Sundae. Ben was washing up and I was clearing up. We did our own chatting. We are both keen that this blog serves its purpose, to inform Filey Parish and to lead all  people reading and surfing ,towards finding a relationship with  God. We were pleased that recent stats have changed rapidly after Ben mentioned the viral words BBC and Sugartown in last weeks post about the screening of the programme later this week. We all did so enjoy the visit of the crew from Shed productions to Filey. It livened up for us all  our often gloomy and cold February. I felt too that we were sharing Filey , and hope , like Ben does that the town comes over as the Gem it is.

I really value times of sharing with others, especially in my homegroup and with fellow Christians. It makes me 'feel' part of a safe family, rather than knowing that I am. 

 I like the changes that have been happening at/with  'church'. 

  • I am not so afraid to talk about what God is doing in my life
  • I am getting to know and trust people I have 'known' for many years
  • I am taking risks in my Christian life
  • I  have had a spiritual growth spurt
  • I now know that I am not under condemnation (Romans 1) Thanks Mary!

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