Saturday, 23 July 2011

Church of England dead in 20 years

'There was an article from the Telegraph this week which proclaimed that the Church of England will be dead in 20 years. It referred to a debate in General Synod this week where it was speculated that by 2020 the CofE would fail to be practically functional. With the average age of congregations currently around 61, by 2020 we will be in terminal decline apparently. We need to have a very real sense of crisis about this apparently....'

so starts a post by the Rev Simon Cutmore  in his blog Rectory Musings

What follows is an excellent rally to us the Christian Troops. I have heard all he says before, and much of it in our homegroup, and  especially when B is in FULL ENCOURAGING  mode, which is often.

At PCC meeting this week there was much doom and gloom about THE PARISH QUOTA,  rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb;

So I hope everyone who has a PC and the internet and follows this blog and lives in Filey and is on the PCC will go to the link and read the rest of Simons Post. I hope EVERYONE ELSE will do the same. 
H/T Rev Simon Cutmore(why aren't you a Bishop?)

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  1. Thanks for the h/t! Bishop? Ha ha ha! Humble Priest in Charge me...



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