Wednesday, 1 June 2011


One of the noticeable differences of driving in the USA is that the UK "Give Way" signs are referred to as "Yield". Simply meaning that you should Yield (or Give Way) to drivers at the approaching junction. There is something fascinating about the word to me and I would take great delight in shouting "Yield" in an American accent to family or work colleagues when driving in the US.

The fascination was underlined when the craze for sending e mails full of words of wisdom about how to live life was going around. For a while I was receiving these daily and I think one of them even became a top 40 hit. Whilst they were full of well meaning sentiment I tended to ignore them after the first few had been sent.

However some close colleagues sent one particular version around and discussion took place as to which of the statements was the most valid. As I read through in the middle of the list was the phrase "Yield". For me at the time this phrase stood out and represented my relationship with God ie that I needed to Yield to Him, that I needed to listen to Him that I should stop resisting Him.

Now every time I hear the Greatest Commandment to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind," I know exactly what it means to me.......

Simply YIELD.


  1. Yield is a funny word! On the one hand it is as you describe it, an act of positive obedience. But the other meaning of yield is the result that you get when you do obey. In other words when we are obedient to God our lives YIELD a rich harvest. Definitely cause for thought - and action! Thanks, Ben.

  2. Rachel what a lovely build, you are so right.
    Thank you.



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