Saturday, 11 June 2011

Sterchis of Filey -welcome to your new home

I thought we would send Phil a cyber greeting as he opens our  well loved Chocolate Shop in
  Hope Street.
He cant have got a better address either , as all of us in  Filey Parish know.  Bobby called round yesterday with a Sterchis offering for the grateful chocoholics at Kiaora. We always buy a row of 3 chocolates for every visitor we have staying here. I look forward to my heart on Valentines Day, and Egg at Easter, fancy box  and on my birthday. Our son in Blackheath remembers when he was at Top School with Alison Cammish , (daughter of the shop) and they used to eat huge chocolate pennies , so that now nearly 20 yrs later that is what he always likes brought to him when we visit London . I hope next Christmas  the  Helter Skelter  will appear in the window . That defines the season for our  small  Grandson in Scarborough.

So a new and exciting change  for one of the best loved shops In Filey. If you missed our last look at the Bakers find it here.
I hope, as we eagerly expect the first episode of Sugartown  that Filey will be known for all its delicious confectionery.

Sterchis of Filey has moved to 11 Hope Street , just round the corner from their old home.

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