Friday, 17 June 2011

Good ideas last

We used to be amused at the contraption for drying socks that hung on our daughters washing line in Sussex. C remarked that it looked as if it was Ideal Home Show, Olympia 1965, like the trays for holding a drink that clipped on armchairs. 
I am not amused any more. I am grateful. It is the best £1.25 I have ever spent in Filey. In Filey's high winds it sits quietly outside my back door under the novolux roof of the open porch. 
Some things  cannot be improved on. Some things are replaced by what seems an innovation . I was very pleased  when Julie the manageress in Wrays of Filey asked me to help judge  a Colouring Competition. I said Yes! too quickly, as the task sounds easy, but was in reality extremely difficult. Each entry had a charm all of it own ,we all agreed  on that.
Wrays ,a much loved Shop in Filey
Fifteen  years ago every entry would probably have been in Felt Tip pen. Now , in this Post Modern world of dexterity  Pencil Crayons are back as the medium of choice. In the school where this blogger barged into retirement ,the headteacher would not allow the use of Felt tip pens. I loved the effect that their bright colours made, such a change from the austerity of my post war childhood, where the brightest thing in a house would be an Omo rose. Pencil Crayons from Keswick in their Derwent grooved  box, were the must have tool  in 1955. Now I agree with my last Head , It takes much more skill to colour with a pencil crayon. I hope he would have liked our choice. 

Malachi 3 v6 
I the Lord never change. 

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