Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A good book

Its ages since I did a book review but I have just chanced on a really good one. Its by Nick Fawcett who is one of my favourite authors on the subject of prayer. This one is called "Poems to help you Pray". Each page begins with a Bible quotation followed by a short poem on the theme. The prayers are grouped under five headings: praise and worship, confession and forgiveness, thanksgiving, petition, and finally intercession. A really good "dip into" book! (Margaret - forgive me if I've got my apostrophes and commas wrong - I'm suffering from new-grandmother-brain!)

Author: Nick Fawcett

Title: Poems to help you Pray

Publisher: Kevin Mayhew

ISBN: 1-84417-717-3


  1. A new grandmother brain is a highly recommended tool for learning. Love to Arthur.

  2. Ho Ho! I'll consider my fingers rapped! Trouble is I can't concentrate on anything right now!



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