Thursday, 9 June 2011

Filey Families

Zoom in and see who you know?

How much do we value our families? Do we respect our  Mums or Dads? Are we interested in what our children and their children  think about  things? Are we still haunted by words said unthinkingly to us when we were small?  Do we think that all situations are redeemable  when they appear to go drastically wrong? Are there members of our families who we find it hard to like?
Last week it was National Family week , I didn't know that. Will a National Family Week  heal all the hurts in the Family Lives of the Nation?

Our Church Family is changing. We are all getting to know each other  in a new way. We are learning too to listen to the views of others  and not rush to judgement. My family tell me I am opinionated and think I am always right. I am and I do.  We dont like it when we recognize that we have to change .

The stories of Filey Families are being documented on the  Looking at Filey website. Here in Kiaora we have been watching a part of Old Filey knocked down this week. I have enjoyed talking to the Demolition Man, who, working with his son has been razing old buildings to the ground. I have been blogging the changes  for posterity. If I dont tell what I see who will know .  Similarly a Filey Tree  is now live on the internet. Filey People can register for a user account and add their family tree details to make a Filey Family tree.

I will never be part of that tree, my family are Sutton on Hull, Scarborough, Edinburgh, Isle of Skye. However we all in the parish of Filey, who worship together  , pray together ,and  share together do all belong to a family where we will never be rejected by parents, where our names are written on the palm of Gods hand, and where HE knows each one of  us, and has no favourites.

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  1. I love the song " Father God I wonder how I managed to exist .... '
    cos now we are adopted in His Family !
    What a great place to be .



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