Thursday, 26 May 2011

The U3 A comes to Filey

I hear that the U3A is finally here in Filey. It has got a committee  to get it up and running.  As 38.9 % of the population are over 60 according to the 01 census as seen on Bill Lealmans website there could be a real need for it. I have only qualified for my sans teeth sans everything status for a very short time, but it is going to be such a relief not having to take the car to the other side of Scarborough  at night  for courses to stretch my brain.
There already is  music  BUT I don't like  Songs from the Shows. The choirs are for Men in blue jumpers, or Lovers of Wesley, and I cant get spouse to the Top House for Folk nights, and no one has heard of  Angela Hewitt.  Birds I can do from My Bird Book. I already go to a Reading group at the  Library.
I don't do coffee mornings in Filey . It  has been , up to now  the only high visibility activity for the U3A  potential punters.   And so a generation or 2 of the retired of Filey who  have been used to a coffee, a sit down and a nice piece of something will now at long last, be able to offer up some more cerebral skills for the wellbeing of the just postwar  active generation , unless Keep Fit and Yoga  and Tai Chi  and Rambling duplicate already existing  groups. 
My  blogger friend well known to regular readers of this blog has had much experience of the impact of the U3A on the social infra structure of her village just north of the Watford Gap. I looking forward to seeing the impact it has on Filey and then I will blog about it.

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