Sunday, 22 May 2011

Things Change and Grow

A well loved Filey Shop has baked its last bread. I bought 5 Organic loaves yesterday. We ate a whole one for lunch in celebration of all the years we have enjoyed it. A bittersweet moment , as it was so lovely to see Alison back sharing with her parents and brother on the last Baking Day. All things need to change if they are going to grow, all parents and gardeners know this. 

So on the way home from the morning shop, on my  route round the small shops of Filey I walked  down Hope Street ( What a wonderful name) to take a look at the old  Peacocks Dairy, and the Promise of things to come. So watch this space for news of things changing in Filey and sometimes though we can't see it at the time, it is so much  for the better.

Psalm 25 has it

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  1. What a wonderful photogrsph. Since I was a child Sterchis has been a Filey Institution. A central part of our culture. From the age of ten onwards my present to my dad on his birthday was a quarter of Sterchis - at least this part of the business remains



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