Saturday, 21 May 2011

Singing in the rain ... or not ...

Farmers and gardeners are all desperate for rain after one of the dryest springs on record. Since I was a child people have always said that if you sing it will start raining. So my suggestion is that at 10.00 am every day we all sing a Christian song. Not only will we be worshipping God, but also we might just cause enough vibration in the air to cause the rain to fall.

Are you up for it?

Be with you at 10!

Love Rachel


  1. Have driven from Filey to Beverley most weeks to my AP and this week and last the potato fields on the Wolds around Kilham were already in May being irrigated so you are right about needing some soaking rain.

    Its funny too how the Devil will try and stop worship of God, including stopping us from singing by making it often the area of his most persistent attacks.

    Love the picture of Robert-is it Staithes or Port Mulgrave?

    Had to do this again before the Spelling Police caught me



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