Monday, 9 May 2011

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H/t Apples of Gold

Reading thro all the posts I bookmark on Google Reader, these lines really struck a chord with me yesterday,

I will
 STAND tall in faith
: TAKE every thought captive and QUIET the lies of the enemy
: Take STRENGTH from my God
: STAND on Gods promises
: Put UP my Shield
: BE a hero of faith
: MARCH the walls in obedience
: BE a WARRIOR for God
: Will NOT worry about tomorrow
: Be FIERCE but focussed
: SPEAK out Gods word in love
: BE a world-changer. one step at a time
: Will NOT be defined by illness
: STAND up for my calling and my right to teach Gods word,
: SEE the church transformed and rising up
: Will NOT fear man
: Be EMPOWERED as I am, a woman (man )of God
: BE STRONG in who God made ME to be...

Yesterday as we prayed for Parish Sundae just before it started I realised that sometimes our fears , reliance on our own talents, lack of vision, running with our own good ideas, failure to encourage others, received negative comments, only serve to bring us back to that point of utter dependence once again on Jesus, and then the Holy Spirit is perceived to be active .
Thanks Pete !


  1. Now THAT is what you call a great action shot! Was it a coincidence that on the evening that we properly gave the whole thing to God we got the best attendance ever?? Thanks Margaret.

  2. APPLES OF GOLD.....

    Hear Hear...Me :)



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