Friday, 20 May 2011

Looking but not seeing.............

You could also say Listening but not hearing, and Reading and not understanding.

I have been in hope of a miracle for several years. My hair is thin and lacking in body-there you all know it now , and I have been seeking a cure in a shampoo which assured me of the efficacy of the extract of Australian hops it contained, duped me with a logo of a kangeroo and hit me with a powerful spiritual  message of well being. This week , realising that a really cheap shampoo from Dixons was just as good, I looked at the label again and realised I had not seen it  at all. The Shampoo is made in the UK, has never been near a billabong  and is made from imported Australian Hops.  It is not even for sale in Oz any more , and is manufactured by one of the largest companies in the world. What is more I never ever buy anything knowingly manufactured by that company.
And so I have been chewing over all Mary said on Sunday. I am not going to let it go away. Neither am I going to interpret it to fit in with my own ideas of the way I would like things to go here in this Parish. I have been Looking but not seeing . 
Emily's article 'The Greatest News' 
Page 21 in the May Envoy (online on this site ) is a piece of Dynamite

I had Looked but not seen. Read it everyone, then like me you will be on the way to Listening and Hearing and Reading and Understanding. 

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