Monday, 30 May 2011

Blindness and the Vine

Yesterday our Vicar Mary spoke with love, courage and tremendous authority as she again preached the Gospel to our church. She spoke of spiritual blindness of superstition and folk Christianity. This is such a difficult subject, as it would be easy to be seen as condemning or arrogant. Mary is never that, God's Love shines through her, His concern and love for his people.

Today I decided to read from an American Daily Office from which gave Psalm 80 and then from my daily reading from Romans 11. Both just happen to be about Vines. The later part of Psalm 80 is particularly powerful as it is a clear reference and prophecy of our Lord Jesus Christ. Romans 11 also speaks about blindness, specifically that of the Jewish people who would not accept the Messiah. A rivetting read given our Sunday Service and a warning about believers being arrogant about their own Salvation.

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  1. I too was on the edge of my seat- we need to consider a way of recording and putting on the Blog .



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