Saturday, 30 April 2011

St Johns - no more rot

The flooring at St John's is nearly completed and the remains of rot found underneath the old floor has been removed.

The good taste and sensitivity of this work is starting to become apparent. Now that the seventies lamp pendants have gone, the beautiful 'Art Deco/Arts and Crafts' style window on the North Wall is revealed in all it's glory. Hopefully the finishing touches will be the plastering of the ugly brick wall, again a feature of the restoration fourty years ago.

A half wood, half glass porch will open up the interior and carpeting will provide the finishing touches, providing an uncluttered and adaptable open space, reflecting the worship and Love of God and hopefully that of the Community we serve.

As someone who hadn't even considered the post of Church Warden a few weeks ago, I am awe struck at the vision, spirituality and servant hearts of the Churchwardens, PCC and others who have come up with this scheme.

It is true that a building is not necessary to our worship, however this new construction has enormous potential for service to God and our community. I am convinced it is God's will, a 'rebuilding of the Temple' in the style of Ezra and Nehemiah. This building will be full of worshippers, praising and glorifying our Creator, of that there is no doubt. it will be a sanctuary, a place of safety, a sally point for the Spritual battle ahead.

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  1. I heartily agree Bob it is going to be such a wonderful and transformed space close to the centre of town which can serve the whole community in an adaptable and spiritual way.



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