Sunday, 17 April 2011

No Picture

No picture. I am not really into photography and feel belittled by others who are. But this week words from the MU prayer diary have spoken to me. Last Sunday out of nowhwere I volunteered to serve on Deanery Synod and hence on PCC. God was speaking to me. Through the week I have read my MU prayer diary which said that God is personal not private. Private religion avoids the public consequences of faith. I am going public. I believe that God/Jesus is my saviour. He/They are in my life. PleaseGod show me how to make it public.


  1. Dear Pam - this is the best blog for ever. ~In the last week God has been showing me that we need to be like little children in our relationship with him. Sometimes pictures get in the way. I have been in a church where the powerpoint sermons were remarkable but love was absent.



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