Friday, 25 February 2011

A Book for Lent

This may seem a bit early for Lent, but I have put it on the blog now so that, if anyone wants to get hold of it, there will be time to do so before Lent begins. The Book is "Daily Lent Reflections" by Nick Fawcett, first published in 2003, but just as fresh today as it was then.

There is a chapter for each day of Lent, each one starting with an opening prayer and a reading, followed by a reflection which gives lots of ideas to think about. This leads into a meditative prayer, then some ideas to ponder during the day, before ending with a short prayer.

It is a book I return to every so often as it not only gives a focus for the day but also stuff to come back to when you have a few minutes later on. Nick Fawcett is one of those people who almost always seems able to find a new angle on a familiar passage, and he has a very accessible style. (For those who lead intercessions it is worth having a look at some of his other books too.

Happy reading and have a thoughtful and productive Lent!

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