Saturday, 15 January 2011

Spin on Sugartown

Well we had quite an enjoyable week watching the comings and goings in Filey. Ian Elsom says that all in Hope Street except for him seem to have had a note put thro their doors apologizing in advance for any disruption to their lives .

Sugartown , a comedy drama (BBC pilot) is being filmed here until 20th February. I havent seen any luvvies myself, but understand that hearsay has it that the great Sue Johnston is in it. 

We do hope-and here I am talking for myself, my spouse and our friend R hope that the viewing public will not associate Filey with run down 'tat shops'. 

To me one of the delights of Filey has been the small shops which make the retail world a pleasure. 
For the last 20 years we have shared our house in Queen Street with' holiday visitors'. They all remark on the shopping experience. 
Greengrocers and Butchers  have disappeared from many high streets. The centre of Beverley no longer has a greengrocer, and all the small shops are becoming multinational upmarket clothing stores. In Filey they love browsing the emerging Gallery Culture, our stalwart Stationers, Shoe shops, Chocolate shop as well as the great little food stores.

When 'Micks market' closed down, the last of the truly ' tat' shops went. I say 'tat' because it sold lots of toys that would not last 5 minutes, and surplus from catalogue Stores and the shop was a real jumble and mish mash. What made it fun was that children could go in with £1 and have a good spend. In the summer , Filey seasonal seaside 'tat' in abundance is a perfectly acceptable part of a day at the beach , part of the ambience, with a donkey ride, fish and chips and 50p in the amusements on coble landing. Living here is a different from being here for a day trip of spending . I hear Freda Coultas's words ringing about what she didn't want in Filey. For the charm of Filey to remain , in what @Filey_uk says on its Twitter profile 'this gem of a town', it needs to remain a 'gem of a town' particularly by reputation.
So I hope that when 'Sugartown' is trending on Twitter in the summer @Filey_uk sends the threads to our advantage.

An aside
You really need to know your Filey Shops. I was looking for a small change purse and had  done the rounds of the obvious. Someone said  "have you been in the shop that used to be Pattisons?' . I hadnt been in there since it was a greengrocers. A recent change of owners has transformed the place inside, and I got just what I wanted. 

What do you think?


  1. We were in Filey today for a trip and discovered that Sugartown was being filmed. It must be exciting to be part of a town being used for a new beeb show. I did panic slightly when we saw the 'casino and bar' before being told it was a set - childhood memories were almost shattered!

    Check out my own blog post about our trip to Filey here:

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Thank you Joe-I prayed before I wrote , as always and have been feeling all evening that I didnt put my usual Bible quote or anything-then I check your blog and find what you have written!! What a great God.XM

    A note
    It is easier to click on Joes name and get to the blog that way

  3. Thanks for the mention, Margaret, and the link to 'Looking at Filey'. As for tat - I was disappointed when I realised Junk & Disorderly wasn't real. Martin Kelner: 'Filey is one of those places where you sometimes have to look hard in the shop windows to work out exactly what it is being sold.'

  4. You miss Micks Market , Ian, like we do then! Good point about window shopping. At least in no doubt at Angela's

  5. nice blog a very enjoyable read

  6. We love Filey and have been every year for the past 10 years and hoping to reside there permanently in the next few years. I think it was The Sea Breeze Hotel where some of the filming was done. I hope this drama remains fiction and never becomes true life in Filey. Not sure where Burrs was though.

  7. Burrs was filmed in Scarborough. I would like to know where the Church was- was not Filey anyway.The Pier was a clever bit of Gimp

  8. The church was St Michaels church in the village of Bempton near Flamborough

  9. Thanks Karen -we were all wondering!



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