Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sunday at Wydale

I couldn't have got his post done any sooner. We got home from Wydale, only a 20 minute drive from Filey in glorious sunshine to Fathers Day Tea, welcoming small boys, one with Chicken Pox, Egg sandwiches , Carrot cake and Mr Kipling Bakewell Tarts -all Colins favourites, (well not the Chicken Pox of course.) The cat who had hidden from the family in our absence sensed a change and appeared from under the Acanthus . 

Our Wydale weekend took such a short time and yet I feel as if I have had a huge relaxing Holiday. I have spent time crying and  laughing . Today's sessions were painful but  releasing .I have talked to people I have known for years and not known at all, and  testimonies to the working of the HS in our midst are being told.

Ellenor -remember her -from our afternoon off, sitting next to me in the Drawing Room (Library now) and sketching as I blogged-well  this morning I heard this about her.

The Branch leader of the Cloughton Mothers Union, Audrey, sat next to me as we enjoyed breakfast together. She told me that Ellenor had been to a WI meeting in Scarborough recently , there was nowhere to park or stop, and many steps had to be negotiated, far to much for Ellenor who walks with a frame on wheels. It knocked her back for a long time, and some weeks later  had  another setback looming as  she fell from a chair which collapsed . This was at a Prayer Meeting in Cloughton . Liz the vicar, and the others laid hands on her and prayed. She got up with difficulty, artificial knee joints , and arthritis not withstanding, and has ever since been a different woman. Her mobility has become easier and with NO pain and she has received Joy from the Lord. 
If we hear about what God can do we will expect Him to work , and will pray more often. Keith has been emphasising how often we do not even bother to ask Him to heal us.

Todays session was on Spiritual Warfare. Oh dear I have been doing it wrong for 30 years.  Every morning I put on My Whole Armour of God, piece by piece. Keith said we never should take it off !  Well I have been caught. Friends have been coming to me and reminding them that I am always going on about it!  So I am just go to oil it from time to time to stop rust , and keep the leather supple , and I am going to make sure I keep close to the rest of the army for support.

It was a good session . I was reminded of all the the things that can really hinder our lives, our JOY and our walk with God, things like dabbling in Spiritualism, Tarot Cards, Ouija Boards, even for innocent fun. I still keep David Watsons Book, Hidden Warfare to help me when I need to know more, and  Satan No Myth.

We had Communion and a time of Ministry with the Laying on Of Hands for Healing.
Back on my walk now. I cant see what's ahead-but I have food for the journey, a rest for my soul, and companions along the way, and a box of chocolates from Janet for the lift to Wydale !

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  1. What an exhilerating time you have all had! Wish I could have been with you. Though we have had an exciting day too, with two church family baptisms - 90 visitors in all, with lots of babies and small children; banns of marriage for a village girl; and chocolate for the fathers - and the rest of the men. A lovely service with good hymns, laughter, noisy children, simple prayers, lots of worship, and time for fellowship over coffee. Praise God for different ways to meet with him, and for those he is bringing to himself!



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