Sunday, 13 June 2010

Scoring for Africa

Four years ago  Oxfam produced a series of Top Trumps type World Cup cards. I have been trying to find out if anyone had produced some for this World Cup.  I have found this website this year.  Not as good as cards of each participating country's Factfile of Stats but the info is there all the same.
Any child with me four years ago in our PSHE /Seal lessons in my Bridlington School  will hopefully remember what we found out together about life expectancy for People in Angola, and the Infant mortality rate of same country. We, and I'm including ME learned more about the World from those Top Trumps during the World cup than I learned before or since. So I hope we will continue to learn from this website.  I don't have to engage 5 different groups of 30 children in Circle time any more. I can urge blog readers to have a look at this and blog roll it for 3 weeks.

I have just looked at the stats
We have in England a life expectancy of ...........................80  Years
Guess the life expectancy in Nigeria?
Now look at the chart below. Most of the congregation of St Oswalds would have died by now.
Thats not funny. I think of the morning service today-it would just have been Hannah, Charlotte and Isabelle, Zak and Reuben left, and Lucy's Geordie.

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