Friday, 18 June 2010

Friday night from Wydale

Brian, Mary, Marilyn and I are sitting in  in the coffee Hall after the first talk  from the Guest Speaker Keith Powell (from  the Quantocks in Somerset) .We don't feel like going to bed just now . We are winding down after the opening session . The theme for the weekend is Wholeness and Healing.
Liz Kitching introduced him by telling us he would be finished in time for us all to go to the bar.(Mary said she remembered her saying this)  I don't remember her saying that only that we would all be blessed by what God had in store for us.  Brian is so relaxed he remembered nothing .
Marylin and Bobby have the best room. See his head just poking  from his window looking over the lovely Wydale Grounds.

I thought only I was one with a laptop at this weekend. Four of us have crawled out of the woodwork now. I have to get the free wifi downstairs, as Colin and I are sleeping on the second floor,so no signal, up the back stairs well trod by parlour maids.

I will tell you about the Soaking session another time.

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