Friday, 18 June 2010

Please Pray for our Parish Weekend Away

We pray for our Parish Weekend starting at Wydale today.

We give thanks for this time together, and pray for God's blessing on all who will gather there, for those who will enable the weekend, both spiritually and in providing for our physical needs.

We pray for those unused to such events, that they will find rest, refreshment, joy and peace.

We pray for our Parish, asking God's blessing on us, on the work we do in reaching out to others, and for all the people of Filey. Give us new vision, O Lord, of your will.

We pray for a growing towards God, and a growing together, as we get to know each other better and seek God's will for the life of our Parish. May we all be open to hear God's word, and to enjoy a time set aside to reflect on this, and to embrace the work and the word of the Holy Spirit.

We pray for God's blessing on His ministry of wholeness and healing as we gain further insights.

We pray for more people to come forward as contributors to, and not just consumers of, the life of the Parish, so that maintaining and growing the life and ministry of God's word here may not just fall to a diminishing few.

We pray for God's blessing on those who will be supporting us in prayer whilst we are away, and those maintaining parish activities this weekend.

In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

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