Saturday, 19 June 2010

Labyrinth, lazy walk and laughter

We spent the latter half of the free afternoon walking around the lovely grounds of Wydale. Colin kept saying 'are you ready yet', I kept saying 'nearly' as I finished posting the last blog entry. Keith said pointing to the laptop 'Do  I want to be delivered from that thing?
By this evening however I had discovered another 2 people with their Laptops, and 2 with iphones. So there are 9 known out of 39 people connected to a wider world .

I am sitting now in the leather chair. I am watching the light go down on the day.
My highlight this afternoon was the labyrinth I am not going to write about it now. I was so enthralled by the whole solitary labyrinth experience that I need a long post about it another time.
A picture  then to whet some appetites.
And a few of the Wydale grounds, the birds from the dining room, and some of the Evenings hilarious fun, a pantomime from the Cloughton Cluster and  some  games from Pat Meek .


  1. Keep them coming Margaret. I feel like I'm there with you!


  2. Was too physically tired to go and worship today,so I gourged on the good food of the blog.The 90th birthday celebration blog gave made me humble and contrite. But what a blessing the "Washing machines and dustbins ". I sought physical and inner healing for years. I saw the church family around me filled with joy. Press in people to gain that healing that releases JOY. Life suddenly becomes wonderful, infact JOYOUS!!! I love it !!This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us be glad and rejoice in it. x



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