Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Dr Happiness

I was recently attracted by an article entitled "Dr Happiness Tells the Secret of Joy". Dr Happiness is actually a Finnish doctor called Sofia who teaches entrepreneurship at a University in Finland. The reason for the Dr Happiness title is that she runs a Happiness Clinic at the University.

In her research Dr Sofia says that " Happiness is not about our circumstances or about money as much as it is what we choose to think about. One of the quickest roads to a sense of happiness is experiencing gratitude, so it really pays off each day to think about the things you have been given, the favours, the blessings and wonderful things that surround you on a daily basis. At this point I am smiling and nodding and adding "from God" to the end of the sentence.

The final paragraph had me really sitting up and taking notice. The question was, "Which people find it easiest to be happy?" The answer...."If you have the ability to feel grateful you are well on your way to happiness. Taking yourself lightly helps a lot too, it is easier to feel happy if you are not constantly worried about the impression you make and the position you hold or job title given to you. It is very hard for people who feel entitled , who are full of themselves, who constantly think of what they can get instead of what they can give or contribute."

For me this is at the heart of our individual relationship with God. I have to admit there were times in my past when career advancement, job titles and material success were important to me. However, at no time did they bring me happiness. Rather today I try to ask not what I want from God but rather what does God want from me?
PS the baby is not Dr Happiness!

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