Saturday, 19 June 2010

7am Saturday Morning

Yesterday,I was running on adrenalin , fear and anticipation of the worst kind. If you knew me you would think I was a friendly , easy going , jolly person.  That is my public face.  The real me is shy, emotional and able to burst into tears at any time. I am full of joy in HS bursts. These HS bursts have got larger and longer as I go on in my Christian life. 
So yesterday was not easy.  I had to drive here in  the first place.Since his stroke my husband is not allowed to drive, and so I have,after many years of enjoying the view and expertly interpreting OS maps had to take us around.So I got us here and that was the first hurdle,praying for an easy parking place etc,etc. Then I was worried about having to get to know people from another parish. I talk too much when I am nervous.  Second hurdle over , as His Lordship put us with some easy to talk to Cloughton folk . Third Hurdle was finding where to sit down in the the first session. The room was full, and I couldn't find spouse, and I wondered if I would have to make a plea for more chairs.  No worries ! Chairs melted into view and I got a great place facing the screen, did not have to put my hearing aid in and could see the lovely Dale view from my seat.  Spouse walked in even later than me and had to sit by another window.  He said to me just now that this was where he last sat 10 years ago with dear friend  Margaret Corner who has since died,and he enjoyed remembering  the occasion.

I'll tell you about the soaking now.

At the end of our gentle introduction to the weekend, Keith Powell sent us off to bed with an invitation to listen to some music.I closed my eyes and the Holy Spirit bathed and soaked me in that lovely glow and refreshment that has now transformed me for the next 2 days. He is in charge, I am His and He is mine.

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