Saturday, 19 June 2010

2pm Saturday. Afternoon of Rest

Ellenor is sitting in the chair facing this view. She is in a green leather chair. When this house was built the rooms must have been cold away from the fire, as the windows are what we call picture windows -down to the floor.The first owner of Wydale would have had enough servants and money  to keep the fire alight in this Drawing Room all year if he had so inclined. 
Ellenor is sitting in the best place in this house in my view, in the best chair .
and with the glorious view down Wydale. Eleanor is telling me how when she left school aged 15 she was the Stillroom / Dairy maid at Raby Castle. She didn't have to eat with the other servants in Servants Hall as in the heirarchy a Stillroom maid was a 'cut above' and ate in the Stillroom , where she spent her days laying up trays for' upstairs' and serving the Cook, Housekeeper and Butler and Lady's maids, the elite of the Downstairs team. 
It is after lunch, Eleanor is painting, Brian is leading a walk, Colin is reading-we have a free afternoon .  I am reflecting in the quiet of this beautiful room of all I have learned this morning , not only about Healing but also about how it impacts on me , the family , the church and the world or rather how it could.
For 20 hours now I have been served lovely food, sat in leather chairs, seen my first Nuthatch and Spotted Woodpecker and been through an Emotional Wringer.
This mornings talk by Keith Powell gave an overview of Healing and Wholeness.  Now, I am no stranger to the Healing Ministry, no stranger to being healed from physical illness and no stranger to being healed from the hurts of the past. I am not going to regurgitate Keith's  gentle and sound synopsis of God's Healing in  this blogpost. I am going to just give you the nuts and bolts of the message, which Keith called

Washing Machines and Dustbins

  • Some people have never ever been asked if they would like a prayer for healing (in the name of Jesus) 
  • Some people are not healed in the way we expect, but God is with them on the journey
  • An absence of Joy (fruit of the spirit ) in someone's life points to a need for a healing touch of the Lord. When we are obedient we get Joy.
  • Sometimes in stead of just cleaning up our ills, and starting afresh, we need a deep clean, which means binning and ridding our selves of  DEEP DIRT.
  • We cannot sort ourselves out-we must ask God
The key sentence in the whole morning for me-from John 10 v10 , in Keith's words was
The enemy(Satan-my word) wants to keep us a prisoner to our past, so that he can destroy our present  and steal our future

Well I'm not having any of that, so I am ready for what God, through the Holy Spirit, and in the name of Jesus is going to do next in my life to free me up for His service.
Lord Have mercy.

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