Saturday, 22 May 2010

We have our Blue Flag back!

There's a lovely picture of Sam Cross paddling in the sea , on the front of Todays Filey Mercury.Our Town Mayor, and Filey Town Council, the Local Tourism Association, the Filey Chamber of Trade all do a great job of promoting Filey as a 'Gem of a Town-with small shops, a wonderful sandy beach and plenty of accommodation and Car Parking'.  See Filey_UK's Twitter Page. The Blue flag in my view just sets the seal. 

In these Health  and Safety times, these ECO times , these lets knock it times , these I deserve it times people do seem to listen to the Media including the  Internet  for benchmark views on Quality Standards. It matters not that millions of people have holidayed in Filey since the coming of the railway before anyone minded about the quality of the water. In 2010, the sea water quality is very important not only for family Holidays, but for the rising numbers of surfers and Sportsmen and women who use our bay as a not so secret spot.
So I am very pleased that the water testing kits were taken down to the sea on the right day with the right conditions with the right results.

Thankfully for Christians we are all a work in progress.

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