Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Coalition with the Liberals needed.......

So runs the headline of Ruth Gledhill's (Times Religion correspondent ) commentary aside the article by Giles Whittell in yesterdays Times where he gives an account and appraisal of the ordination of Mary Glasspool. If Ruth Gledhills excellent weblog Articles of Faith is to go behind a Paywall, at least I will be able to read her copy in the paper Times which I buy every day. My  newsagent sells 6 a day .
For several years I have kept myself informed with what is going on in the Christian Blogsphere, here in the UK and beyond.
My blogroll at the moment would include
  1. Lesleys Blog
  2. Bishop Alans Blog
  3. Available light
  4. Gary's Rather Sad blog
  5. Ruth Gledhills weblog
  6. The Church Mouse Blog
  7. Nick Baines Blog
  8. Cranmer
  9. Phil's Treehouse
  10. St Aidan to AbbeyManor
  11. Tims Blog 
  12. Bright Light  
  This is an unashamedly eclectic choice to keep me from favouring any one point of view, or style of churchmanship, or even literary eclat.
I have reached a watershed in my Christian Life this week. I have realised that despite reading assorted blogs I am still judgemental and opinionated and not always very loving towards those whose views I do not share. I was inwardly fuming last week as someone was talking to me  about the state of the Anglican Church. That popular word Bigot came to mind, and then a FLASH of HS zap as I realised that I too think my own views are SO right ,and that if everyone thought as I do, the Anglican Church would be able to hold its head high again .And so to Ruth Gledhill. I am going to quote from her Times piece(17 05 10);

What a person does in bed has become more important to 77 million Anglicans, than the Resurrection,the Crucifixion, the Virgin Birth or the Trinity........................
If the Lib Dems and the Conservatives can do it in Britain, surely the liberals and conservatives in the Christian world can form some sort of coalition to bring new leadership to the Anglican Morass?  They must put their differences behind them-for the sake of God,themselves and the common good.

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