Sunday, 25 April 2010

Seedtime and Harvest

Its amazing how these weeks of  sunshine have invigorated me. Today I took down  my first pair of curtains to wash and more followed!  I have been slowly clearing a flower bed and now the soil has nutrient added.  It was very satisfying emptying the compost bin and adding it to the bed.  It is going to be my first attempt at growing vegetables for many years.

 The sower had to sow on good ground to produce a crop. So maybe I’ll add even more nutrient.  I need good soil. I need good seeds too. Hope the ones I have chosen are suitable and the right choice for that soil.  As I sow, I look at the variety of seeds,some so tiny, some , like broad beans, much larger and I wonder how so small a seed can produce my crop of beetroot, leeks, beans.

Seeds sown, watered , fed , labelled  and now to nurture  with the help of some warming sun.
I am  looking forward , Lord , to a good crop that you will produce, with some help from me.

Published by   Susan Bruce

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  1. St Mark the Evangelist today according to the Common Worship Lectionary, and the other coincidence is that Sparklers are doing the story of The Sower, and are planting cress seeds this week .



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