Thursday, 15 April 2010

Psalm 23

Dear Lord, thank-you for knowing us so well, all our needs, our fears.
Thank-you for guiding us and bringing us to places
of rest and tranquillity
for lifting us from our anxieties,
for guiding us and leading us when we don't know
what to do or which way to go.
For blessing us with forgiveness,
for new beginnings, renewed hope.
Thank-you dear Lord, for the strength
of your dear Holy Spirit
for putting new life in us, for filling us up with overflowing blessings
making us rich indeed.
Thank-you dear , dear Lord for all your wonderful people,
your streams of living water, your channels of healing and care.
Thank-you for the beauty of your nearness Lord,
And your promise that you will be with us always.

Published by Sandy Sargeant

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