Friday, 23 April 2010

Municipalia and 27th May By -Election Thirsk and Malton Constituency

So there we have it , we are singled out for the arrival of the Media, the spin doctors, the Fourth Estate, speculation, polls, and I hope Stephanie Pride will get plenty to write about.
I know that we are part of the Scarborough Borough Council( serving Scarborough,Whitby and Filey), but for once Little Filey will be thrust right into the Nations Headlines, with Thirsk and Malton. In fact I gloat a little when I see that SBC's website does not mention yet  that there is going to be a By -election within part of its boundaries due to the sad  death of John Boakes.
So I am starting the media interest with these pictures of Municipalia in the borough. I see John Sellars , Kerry Burton and the rest of the crew working out in all weathers to give us all something positive to talk about.  I have even been fair and included a couple of pictures from Scarborough.  Sorry Whitby I haven't got so far North this spring.
So my prayer is this-that the eligible  people of Filey  will all vote on 27th May , and the turnout will be astounding.  Lets not waste precious votes, when  we have so much democratic freedom, unhindered by  red tape  compared with  say the people of the Sudan, as reported by Trish Wicks on this blog.

Proverbs 21 is worth a read.

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