Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I've been spring cleaning ...

I've been spring cleaning my study. As the only room not directly on the route from the front door to the back, it tends to be where everything is dumped "out of sight". But last week I realised that I could now only see half of the floor, and every other surface was covered too. I couldn't get to the bookshelves when I needed to, and I couldn't even begin to think where I had put the one book I wanted NOW when I had last used it.

So I've been to the tip. Filled the shredder three times. Put some old files that I didn't feel I could part with up in the loft. Made a pile of books to recycle at the next coffee morning. Decided that filing was just a step too far, so left that for another day. Then started to try to bring some order to the books I had kept.

I found the book that was lost and put it in a "safe place" - then remembered how my Mum used to do this and then could never remember later where the safe place might have been......

So was it all worth while?

I've found several books I had forgotten I had.
I have found some books that are "old friends" and reminded myself why.
I have thought about various people that I associate with other books and offered them into God's hands.

I now feel I can breathe again.

I've got a big pile of unread books to bring with me next time I come to Filey - I reckon that's probably the best way of ensuring some sunny weather!

Most of all I feel very virtuous - and even him indoors has remarked on the state of order emerging from the chaos.

Ah, the lengths some people will go to when they know they should really be doing something else! But its so much easier - for me - to be always on the go rather than waiting on God and listening for that still, small voice.

So next time you see me looking tired, you'll know that He's given up on trying to get my attention during the day, and caught up with me when sensible people are catching up on their zzzzzzzzzzz's and I'm lying awake.

Sleep well, folks!

Love Rachel

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