Friday, 2 April 2010

Filey Parish ; GoodFriday Rev Gordon Watt -Wyness's Post

Gordon Has written a review of Canon Andrew Whites Book 'The Vicar of Bagdad' for the April Edition of the Envoy, our monthly magazine in Filey Parish.
On this Good Friday I have used some of  Gordon's article to help us on the day when we remember the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus . Thinking about  the Suffering Church , be it in Iraq, Nigeria or Indonesia leads us every time to Good Friday.

Gordon Writes
'This book is a beacon of hope in a dark landscape.  The author has lived through turbulent times in Iraq but with a remarkable sense of Christian assurance that this  is  what God was preparing him for and this is where he has to be and what he has to do.
Early on whilst still a student his one wish was to be a doctor,so he went to St Thomas's Hospital in London, qualified with distinction and chose to work  in anaesthetics. He joined the Christian Union there and attended a lively church , St Mark's Kensington.  All seemed right in a settled career. Until one day , whilst on call, he took a break in the hospital gardens on the Thames embankment and was quietly praying when (as he himself records it)"to my utter amazement" he felt he was being told to seek ordination.  This he writes, "is not really what I wanted to hear".   ........His mentor DR Coggan used to say to him 'Dont Take care ,Andrew,take risks '.

.....On the advice of his bishop he applied for a post at Coventry Cathedral, and was appointed Canon with a specific Ministry in Reconciliation and Peace Making.    There he began the great work of ICRC( International Centre for Reconciliation, Coventry), and also FRRME (Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation)   .(He was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1998)  He  was appointed Anglican Chaplin in Baghdad in 2005..........He (A.W)says
'As my work has become ever more complex and difficult, it is only the presence of the glory of God that has enabled me to do what I have to do,(but) come with me on this seemingly impossible journey and maybe you , too, will see the glory of God making things possible'.
You must get the book and read the 8 remarkable chapters that follow.  Former Archbishop Carey says simply" it is an inspirational read".

Gordon Watt-Wyness

(Margaret Rowling adds-Colin and I heard Canon White speaking at St Pauls Onslow Square , a few weeks ago.  He was interviewed by Nicky Gumbel. He told us of the bombings and killings  of Christians in Baghdad, including most of his PCC, and church leaders.  Hundreds of people join the Alpha Courses! He asked us to pray that Christians would not leave Baghdad.  He said that when George W Bush was President of USA  he would phone and talk fortnightly to him (AW)but Barack Obama has not once contacted him. When faced with imminent danger 'what do you do ?'asked N.G.  'Pray ' said Andrew White.)

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  1. Filey Bloggers. You are all a great blessing to me. I've been bobbing here and there these last weeks but you have been the continuity. So I have tonight spent the evening of Maundy Thursday with you in the Garden and now we have gone together into Good Friday. I will leave my watch in the Garden now and lie down and sleep in peace before I join the procession of the faithful leaving their churches to walk down to the centre of town and meet together at the Cross.



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