Friday, 30 April 2010

3rd and Final Prime Ministerial debate-really?

I am waiting for Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg to answer questions at Birmingham University for BBC1. The Governor of the Bank of England has just warned that such draconian spending cuts will be implemented by who ever wins the Election  it will lead to a generation (20yrs) when they will not be elected again. I am such a sceptic now that I even think that this statement of opinion is a spin designed to favour one of the 3 major parties but am too dim to work out which one.
The only thing that really interests me is the integrity, and personally held views  for a free vote , of the candidates who will be standing in our now By-election on 27th May. 
Having said that ,I make one comment on the three prospective PMs, that the recently  unknown  leader of the Liberal Democrats made a good job of answering the Faith question that came right out of the blue, yesterday in his interview with Eddie Mair . (hear it on BBC iplayer-17mins into the programme).
I quote from the St Aidan to Abbey Manor, blog of Rev David Keen,

"Why don't you believe?" a question right out of the blue, and Clegg is first taken aback, and his eventual response is unusually revealing. He talks about spirituality as something 'which makes us human', that religion isn't something he's closed off to, and it sounds like several members of his family are committed Christians.
 We already know that the Labour  child of the manse and the Conservative leader  are Church goers. Going to the Zoo does not make you an animal any more than going to church makes you a Christian. I am not nailing any colours to a mast here. I believe that just as I have, as a women ,had a vote since I was 21 unlike my grandmother , it is a secret ballot.

I hope that people of Filey , Malton and Thirsk and all villages, hamlets and fields   in between are making lists of the questions they are going to e mail to our candidates . Perhaps you could send some as comments here, and we can see if we get a response.

We could start by asking them 
  • Do you want a return to the Death Penalty ?
  • What are your views on Abortion on demand?
  •  Do you think voluntary Euthanasia should be legalized?
  •  Should  Cocaine Addicts be allowed the drug on the NHS to prevent drug related Crimes against Property ?

I am just reeling these off, to get you thinking. The manifestos of all the parties proffering candidates on 27th May will be open to intense scrutiny with the benefit of the hindsight of the Election result on May 6th.

This post is punctuated by 4 roads leading to Filey. I will do the parable of the Blackthorn another time.


  1. Technically I understand that it is a "run-on election" as opposed to a by-election. I was corrected in this by one of the local party agents. The difference is apparently that nominations are not re-opened, only UKIP are able to select a new candidate. It is though quite interesting that we have 2 Liberal candidates one "old Liberal" who refused the merger with the SDP which created the Liberal Democrats, which supply the other Lib candidate.

    Interestingly I haven't seen a single political poster in this election in Filey which could mean apathy prevails. Should we organise a hustings? There is still 4 weeks to go for us anyway?

  2. Thanks Ben-'run on election' it is. I drove to Beverley on Tuesday-lots of posters there.Lots of posters in Bridlington too. I had hoped the Churches together in Filey might organize a hustings. Hope they read the blog!

  3. Am going to talk to David Harrison chair of Churches together in Filey .Will keep you posted

  4. Have had a good and productive chat with David Harrison. Churches Together in Filey had indeed discussed and no doubt prayed about the General Election . It was decided that individual churches should contact the candidates with their own questions. David and I both agree that if a hung Parliament results after 6th May , our Run- on -Election will hurtle Filey into Media attention if one seat could swing the balance.
    So FILEY PARISH AND BEYOND, it is up to you to send your questions here to the blog, and we will
    try and send them to the candidates who have electronic mail, and post their answers. If any one wants to organize a Hustings involving all the candidates lets hope they announce it quickly so I may plan. Filey Town council are apolitical so would not organize such an event, Churches Together in Filey the same.



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